I have worked in mental health since 1980, initially in inpatient settings among the most seriously ill.  Since 2004 I have worked in outpatient settings, first in clinical research and then with the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team of Austin-Travis County MHMR. Details appear below in my Curriculum Vitae.


My special interests include treatment of individuals with bipolar disorder, and/or alcohol and drug problems.  I believe these people have been poorly understood and served by the current system.  I am especially skeptical of personality disorder labels, having seen for decades people whose ‘borderline personality’ disappeared when they received effective treatment for Axis One disorders.


I am also especially interested in treatment of people with co-existing mental health and alcohol/drug problems.  I believe that the mental health professions can do more to engage the synergies of 12 Step work and other recovery activities with mental health treatment.  Current research demonstrates the need to integrate the two realms of work, rather than keeping them mutually ignorant and mistrustful.