Curriculum Vitae



Professional Experience:                                                               


January 2009 to present: 

Private Practice, Neuropsychiatric Associates of Austin

Evaluate and treat individuals with mental illness and/or chemical dependence.


May 2007 to October 2008: 

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Psychiatric Emergency Services, AustinTravis County Mental Health, Austin, Texas.  Evaluated clients with mental health and substance use disorders on an emergency basis.  Prescribe psychoactive medications and participate in planning for crisis resolution and continued care.


October 2004 to April 2007:

Sub-investigator, Community Clinical Research, Austin, Texas.  Evaluated patients with mental health and chemical dependence disorders for participation in clinical trials.  Participated in clinical trials of investigational medications for treatment of schizophrenia, mood disorders, and chemical dependence.  Evaluated and treated patients in private practice.


1995 to 2004:

Director, Patient Care Services, Seton Shoal Creek Hospital, Austin, Texas

Responsible for nursing and clinical services of  a 151 bed psychiatric and chemical dependency hospital. Worked closely with the Medical Director to ensure quality of care. Responsible for quality of medical record documentation and patient care outcomes through supervision and coordination of nursing and medical care. Conducted individual, group and family therapies on a regular basis.  Represented the hospital’s clinical services in surveys by Joint Commission and Department of Health.


1988 - 1995:

Service Administrator, Adult Services, Shoal Creek Hospital

Responsible for nursing and program services for multiple inpatient units treating psychiatric and chemically dependent patients. Conducted individual, group and family therapies on a regular basis.  Arranged for staffing, program revision, treatment plan review, and quality improvement activities.



Director, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, Shoal Creek Hospital

Nurse Manager/Program Director for a fifteen bed locked unit for treatment of adults with severe behavioral disturbances.



Head Nurse, Psychiatry, N.Y.U. Medical Center, New York City

Responsible for nursing care in a twenty-one bed unlocked adult psychiatric unit in a major teaching hospital.  Developed and implemented a group therapy program conducted by resident physicians and nurses



Team Leader, Psychiatry, N.Y.U. Medical Center

Delivered and directed direct patient care to adult psychiatric patients.



Staff Nurse Senior to Team Leader, Intensive and Coronary Care Units,

N.Y.U. Medical Center.  Provided direct patient care to patients in intensive care: cardiovascular, general surgical, medical, and coronary care.



Staff Nurse, Neurological/Neurosurgical Unit, Brackenridge Hospital,

Austin, Texas.  Provided direct patient care to patients with neurological and neurosurgical illnesses.



Associated Professional Experience:



Member, Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses of Austin

2006 to present:

President, Austin Psychiatric Nurses Association.


1997 to 2006:

Vice Chairman, Advisory Committee on Inpatient Mental Health Care, Texas Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation          


1995 to present:

Adjunct Faculty, Master of Arts in Counseling  Department, Saint Edward’s University, Austin, Texas.  Courses:  Drugs: Therapy and Abuse  and Crisis and Trauma


1988 to 2004:

Member, Travis County Mental Health Coordinating Council



Certified Clinical Specialist, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, American Nurses Association





“Depression: What Does It Mean?” American Journal of Nursing (March 1986)


“Elements of Effective Clinical Supervision.” Perspectives in Psychiatric Care (1989).





Certificate, 1987, Institute for Advanced Clinical Training in Psychotherapy

M.S., 1985, Psychiatric Nursing, Hunter College

B.S.N., 1976, University of Texas at Austin

A.B., 1972, Philosophy, Harvard College





Advanced Practice RN with prescriptive authority,  State of Texas



Workshop and Conference Presentations:


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